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Business Liu is chairman of Sunline Group, a Shanghai-based investment company

As of 2010, the value of his real estate properties have increased to $10 billion yuan (USD $1,613,970,528.90) over the past 19 years.

In 2004, Liu established the companies Tianping Auto Insurance and Guohua Life Insurance. In April 2013, Tianping formed a joint venture with AXA. According to Forbes, as of July 23, 2015, Liu has a net worth of USD$1.37 billion. He ranked as the 163rd wealthiest individual in China and 1,533rd wealthiest in the world. Art collecting[edit] In April 2014, Liu paid HK$281.24 million (USD$36.3 million) for a 500-year-old Ming dynasty cup. In March 2015, he paid HK$348 million (USD$45 million) for a 600-year-old Tibetan embroidered silk thangka (tapestry). It was a record high price for a Chinese work of art sold by an international auction house. Later that month, he bought an antique Tibetan bronze yogi sitting in the lotus position at an auction at Sotheby’s in New York.


On April 7, 2015, he paid USD$14.7 million for a Southern Song-era vase. In November 2015, he bought Italian painter Amedeo Modigliani’s Nu couché, a widely-known painting of a reclining nude woman, for $170.4 million, the second-highest price for an artwork at auction, in a volatile sale at Christie’s in New York.

He paid for the painting with his American Express card.


Chinese art collector Liu Yiqian has added a massive Gerhard Richter painting to his collection. The billionaire posted a photo of himself posing in front of the German artist’s 36-foot-wide 930-7 Strip on the popular Chinese social media platform WeChat. A friend of the collector, who did not wish to be identified, confirmed the purchase to artnet News.

The eccentric Liu and his wife Wang Wei have a reputation for openly exhibiting their wealth, and they are not shy about showing off their purchases. The couple are among the most prolific collectors in Asia, and founded the Long Museum in Shanghai to showcase their blue-chip acquisitions. Liu’s collecting habits are well documented. For him to buy an artwork, it has to be by a brand-name artist, and it has to be expensive.


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Wang Jianlin Wed, 27 Jan 2016 20:33:53 +0000  

Wang Jianlin (Chinese: 王健林; pinyin: Wáng Jiànlín; born 1954) is a Chinese businessman and philanthropist. He serves as the Chairman of the Dalian Wanda Group, China’s largest real estate developer, as well as the world’s largest movie theater operator. He owns 20% of the Spanish football club Atlético Madrid.

The Wanda Group, owned by Chinese tycoon Wang Jianlin consider hotel & land  investments in Benahavis South of Spain.

The Chinese group, headquartered in the city of Dailan has focused mainly on the possible acquisition of land for the development of high-end real estate projects. Benahavis is one of the municipalities around Marbella with more land available.

The executives of Chinese business group held meetings with the Villa Padierna hotel, Marbella Club and Puente Romano who all owns a significant volume land in the municipality of Benahavis.

Interest Area

Chinese group executives, who were accompanied on his visit to Benahavís by executives of an American consultant, have also contacted a law firm based in Marbella with the aim of having a representation of their interests in the area.

The group own 52 hotels.  Wanda has also made arrangements for the acquisition of a shopping center in Benahavis.

The Wanda Group, whose owner is considered the wealthiest person in China.

The Chinese corporation also own a 20 percent of the football  “Atletico Madrid”

Personal life

He is married to Lin Ning, and has a son, Wang Sicong (Chinese: 王思聪; born 1988), educated at Winchester College and University College London in the UK. Wang Sicong is currently a board member of the Wanda Group and a venture capitalist in China through his Beijing-based private equity fund, Prometheus Capital (普思投资).


In December 2015, Wang Jianlin bought 15a Kensington Palace Gardens, London, for £80 million, and he’ll spend £50m more doing it up.

. The house was previously lived in by the Ukranian billionaire, Leonard Blavatnik, who rented it during lengthy works on the house he owns opposite.

As well as the £700 million One Nine Elms scheme, which includes a 56 storey residential skyscraper, Mr Wang owns the Dorset-based Sunseeker luxury motor yacht business.

It was reported this year that he has been in talks to buy the Tour de France as part of a bid to build one of the world’s biggest sports businesses.

Mr Wang already owns a 20 per cent stake in Spanish football club Atletico Madrid, which he bought for for £32 million in April.


Contact Carlos Slim Helu via The Billionaires club Mon, 16 Nov 2015 12:54:13 +0000 Carso Institute for Health

Carlos Slim Helú (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈkaɾlos esˈlim eˈlu]; born January 28, 1940) is a Mexican business magnate, investor, and philanthropist. From 2010 to 2013, Slim was ranked as the richest person in the world  Known as the “Warren Buffett of Mexico”,  Slim oversees a vast business empire that is influential in every sector of the Mexican economy and accounts for 40% of the listings on the Mexican Stock Exchange. He derived his fortune from his extensive holdings in a considerable number of Mexican companies through his conglomerate, Grupo Carso The conglomerate comprises a diverse portfolio of businesses from a wide array of industries that include telecommunications, education, health care, industrial manufacturing, food and beverages, real estate, airlines, media, mining, oil, hospitality, entertainment, technology, retail, sports and financial services. Slim is the chairman and chief executive of telecommunications companies Telmex and América Móvil.

América Móvil, which was Latin America’s largest mobile-phone carrier in 2010, accounted for around $49 billion of Slim’s wealth by the end of that year As of 3 November 2015 he was #2 on Forbes list of billionaires, with net worth estimated at $63.5 billion.  His net worth is equivalent to about 6 percent of Mexico’s gross domestic product.

Personal life

Slim was married to Soumaya Domit from 1967 until her death in 1999. Among her interests were various philanthropic projects, including the creation of a legal framework for organ donation.


Slim has six children: Carlos, Marco Antonio, Patrick, Soumaya, Vanessa, and Johanna. Slim’s fortune has given rise to a family business empire and he often acquires shares on behalf of himself and his children. His three older sons serve in key positions in the companies controlled by Slim where most are involved in the day-to-day running of Slim’s business empire.  Slim underwent heart surgery in 1999.  In high school, Slim’s favorite subjects were history, cosmography, and mathematics.

In his office, Slim does not keep a computer and instead prefers to keep all his financial data in thoroughly kept notebooks  Slim is well versed in technology but prefers to write by hand instead of on a computer Due to the vast size of his business empire, Slim often jokes that he can’t keep track of all the companies he manages.


Real estate

Slim lives in a 6-bedroom home in the Lomas de Chapultepec district of Mexico City,  close to where he grew up, that has been his residence for over 40 years. Slim’s real estate holding company Inmobiliaria Carso develops, invests, owns and operates many residential and commercial properties across Mexico. The company owns over 20 shopping centers, including ten in Mexico City, and operates stores in the country under U.S. brands including the Mexican arms of Saks Fifth Avenue, Sears and the Coffee Factory. Slim has been making private real estate investments around the world, particularly in the United States. He has been reported to have acquired 417 Fifth Avenue, an 11-story office tower for $140 million and also a piece of the former New York Times building on West 43rd street. He controls approximately 8 acres of prime Beverly Hills real estate at the corner of Wilshire and Santa Monica Boulevards  In May 2014 Slim opened Inbursa Aquarium, Latin America’s largest aquarium. lim owns the Duke Seamans mansion, a 1901 beaux arts house on 5th Avenue in New York City, which he bought for $44 million in 2010. The mansion is 20,000 square feet and has 12 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, and a doctor’s office in the basement.  In May 2015, he listed the property up for sale at $80 million, nearly twice what he paid. In April 2015, Slim bought the Marquette Building in Detroit and purchased PepsiCo Americas Beverages headquarters in Somers, New York for $87 million. Slim owns a second mansion in New York City at 10 W. 56th St, which he leased early in 2015 to the John Barrett Salon for $1.5 million annually. The property was bought in 2011 for $15.5 million.


Slim has been publicly skeptical of The Giving Pledge by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett giving away at least half of their fortunes. But—according to his spokesman—he devoted $4 billion, or roughly 5%, to his Carlos Slim foundation as of 2011  Though Slim has not gone as far as Gates and Buffett in pledging more than half of his fortune, Slim has expressed firm support for philanthropy and has advised budding entrepreneurs that businessmen must do more than give — they “should participate in solving problems”. Slim has channeled his philanthropic endeavors into many initiatives such as funding a genomic medicine research project, subsidizing numerous arts and education projects in Mexico City, including the Museo Soumaya (named after his late wife), which displays his art collection for no admission fee.

Slim founded three nonprofit foundations concentrating on Mexico City: one for the arts, education, and health care; one for sports; and one for downtown restoration.

Fundación Carlos Slim Helú

Established in 1986 Fundación Carlos Slim Helú sponsors the Museo Soumaya in Mexico City, named after Slim’s late wife, Soumaya Domit, opened 2011. It holds 66,000 pieces, including religious relics, contains the world’s second-largest collection of Rodin sculptures, including The Kiss, the largest Dalí collection in Latin America, works by Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and coins from the viceroys of Spain  The inauguration in 2011 was attended by the President of Mexico, Nobel Prize laureates, writers and other celebrities.

After stating that he had donated $4 billion of dividends to Fundación Carlos Slim Helú, $2 billion in 2006, and another $2 billion in 2010, Slim was ranked fifth in Forbes’ World’s Biggest Givers in May 2011. Education and health care projects have included $100 million to perform 50,000 cataract surgeries in Peru through the Clinton Initiative, a $20 million fund to strengthen small and medium-size businesses in Colombia, and a digital education program for youth in Mexico, $150 million for programs in nutrition and disease prevention in Central America with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the government of Spain, $50 million to work with the World Wildlife Fund on restoration of six areas for species in Mexico, including the monarch butterfly and $100 million on education programs for young people through Colombian singer Shakira’s Alas Foundation.

Fundación Telmex

In 1995 Slim established Fundación Telmex, a broad-ranging philanthropic foundation, which as he announced in 2007 had been provided with an asset base of $4 billion to establish Carso Institutes for Health, Sports and Education. Furthermore, it was to work in support of an initiative of Bill Clinton to aid the people of Latin America.Because Mexican foundations are not required to publish their financial information, it is not possible to confirm Slim’s claims of charitable giving through a public source.  The foundation has organized Copa Telmex, an amateur sports tournament, recognized in 2007 and 2008 by Guinness World Records as having the most participants of any such tournament in the world. Together with Fundación Carlos Slim Helú, Telmex announced in 2008 that it was to invest more than $250 million in Mexican sports programs, from grass-roots level to Olympic standard  Telmex sponsored the Sauber F1 team for the 2011 season.

Fundación del Centro Histórico de la Ciudad de México A.C.

In 2000, Slim and ex-broadcaster Jacobo Zabludowsky organized the Fundación del Centro Histórico de la Ciudad de México A.C. (Mexico City Historic Center Foundation) to revitalize and rescue Mexico City’s historic downtown area to enable more people to live, work and find entertainment there. He has been Chair of the Council for the Restoration of the Historic Downtown of Mexico City since 2001.

In 2011 he, along with the president of Mexico, Mexico City mayor, and Mexico City archbishop, inaugurated the first phase of Plaza Mariana close to Basilica de Guadalupe. The complex, whose construction was funded by Slim, includes an evangelization center, museum, columbarium, health center, and market.

Carlos Slim invested more than $800 million in the Soumaya Museum, the second museum opened by the telecommunications mogul. Here, he stands with Auguste Rodin's The Three Shades on March 28, the eve of the opening.
Carlos Slim invested more than $800 million in the Soumaya Museum, the second museum opened by the telecommunications mogul. Here, he stands with Auguste Rodin’s The Three Shades on March 28, the eve of the opening.

“Carlos Slim is one of the worlds most important philanthropists and most people have never heard about his humanitarian activities. He owns stock in more than 200 companies that employ more than 200,000 people in Latin America and beyond. He has used his resources to help develop the communities where his businesses are located. In his own country, Mexico, he has personally supported more than 165,000 young people in attending university, paid for numerous surgeries, provided equipment for rural schools and covered surety bonds for 50,000 people who were entitled to their freedom but could not afford. He recently created the Carso Institute for Health, and designed it to provide a new approach to health care in Mexico. He has four billion dollars of investments ready to promote education, health and other great challenges, and has recently announced an additional six billion dollar investment in several programs, including his Telmex Foundation.” Speech by Mr. Carlos Slim Helú,

Chairman of the Carlos Slim Foundation

Aquarium Inbursa opening speech by Carlos Slim IMG_2747

Located in Plaza Carso, a few steps from the Soumaya Museum, the Jumex Museum and the Telcel Theater, Inbursa’s Aquarium


will open its doors on June 11. Visitors will be able to live an entertaining and educational experience ranging from the bottom of the ocean to exotic mangroves. Over 5 thousand samples of more than 230 species are featured, including sharks, seahorses, turtles, crocodiles, piranhas, jellyfish, corals, and barracudas, among many others. They are showcased in 48 different exhibition settings covering a surface of 3,500 square meters, distributed in a 4 level underground structure. Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim has just added a new asset to his business and entertainment empire: a 5,000 marine animal aquarium. Aquarium Inbursa, inaugurated on May 30, features 230 species of sea life and occupies 11,500 square feet in Mexico City. During the inauguration by Mexico City’s Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera, accompanied by Slim and Alejandro Nasta, the aquarium’s director, the world’s second richest man said that the aquarium will offer entertainment, culture, employment, housing and a better quality of life for what was previously a derelict area of the city. Mancera pointed out that the aquarium, which will open to the public on June 10 and has an entry fee of around $10, is not only the largest in Mexico, but one of the largest in the world, comparable to those in Atlanta, Shanghai, Dubai and London.

In 2011, Slim opened Soumaya Museum ,named after his late wife Museo-Soumaya-Carlos-Slim-Mexico-city

which holds 66,000 works of art by some of the best known European artists from the 15th through the 20th century. museum-Carlos-Slim-soumaya-mexico

With over one million international visitors in its first year, and 2.6 million visitors in total the Soumaya Museum is a great success.

The museum does not charge an entrance fee. Soumaya-Museum-Rodin-etc

The majority of the art consists of European works from the 15th to the 20th century. It also holds Mexican art, religious relics, and historical documents and coins. The museum contains the world’s largest collection of pre-Hispanic and colonial era coins. It also holds the largest collection of casts of sculptures by Auguste Rodin outside of France, and the world’s largest private collection of his art. Slim owns a total of 380 casts and works of art by Rodin. His late wife, whom he credits with teaching him much of what he knows about art, was an admirer of Rodin’s work.In addition to Rodin, some notable European artists whose work is displayed include Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso, the circle of Leonardo da Vinci, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Joan Miró, Vincent van Gogh, Henri Matisse, Claude Monet, Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, El Greco, and Tintoretto. Madonna of the Yarnwinder by a member of the circle of Leonardo da Vinci

The most valuable work of art in the collection is believed to be a version of Madonna of the Yarnwinder by a member of the circle of Leonardo da Vinci. Another version of the same painting has been valued at over £30 Million.

Several Mexican artists are also featured, including Diego Rivera and Rufino Tamayo. The director of the museum has claimed that the total worth of the art it holds is over $700 million.

  • Entrance: This foyer area is an asymmetric, high-ceiling vestibule. This space is devoted to temporary exhibitions, events and permanently exhibits four large-format works: The Thinker by Auguste Rodin, Río Juchitán the last mural by Diego Rivera, Still life by Rufino Tamayo, Day and night by Rufino Tamayo and Pieta, cast in bronze in the 19th century from the marble by Michelangelo Buonarroti.
  • Level 1: Gold and silver: decorative arts. Collection of coins, medals and banknotes dating from the Viceroyalty to the post-revolutionary era. There are also objects in ivory, silk and precious stones for religious and civil use.
  • Level 2: Temporary exhibitions
  • Level 3: European and Novohispanic Old Masters. Works of European artists such as the Cranachs, Tintoretto, el Greco, Rubens, Artemisia Gentileschi and Murillo, with Colonial works by Villalpando, Juárez, Cabrera and Páez, among others.
  • Level 4: From Impressionism to the Avant-garde. Landscape and costumbrist works of 19th-century Mexico by Chapman, Rugendas, Egerton, Linati, Baron Gros, Löhr, Landesio and Velasco together with works from the European movements and vanguards, by Manet, Monet, Renoir, Degas, Pissarro, Van Gogh, Vlaminck, Chagall and Miró.
  • Level 5: (temporary) : “Sophia Loren. México. Ayer, hoy y mañana”. Objects, scripts, clothes, awards, photographs and magazines from the personal collection of the Italian actress.
  • Level 6: Julián and Linda Slim / The Rodin Era. Works by Rodin and his pupils such as Camille Claudel and Émile-Antoine Bourdelle, together with surrealist sculptures by Salvador Dalí.

Underneath 2 Van Gogh paitings which are in the museum.

Van Gogh: Shepherd with a Flock of Sheep

Van Gogh- Cottage with Peasant Coming Home
Van Gogh: Cottage with Peasant Coming Home
If you are interest in offering art to Museo Soumaya please contact me, i have earlier been in contact with the museum.I also regularly write to the people surrounding Mr. Slim about investments.


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Contact Amancio Ortega via the Billionaires Club Fri, 02 Oct 2015 12:54:13 +0000 Amancio Ortega Gaona (Spanish pronunciation: [aˈmanθjo orˈteɣa ɣaˈona]; born 28 March 1936) is a Spanish fashion businessman and founding chairman of the Inditex fashion group, best known for its chain of Zara clothing and accessories retail shops. In October 2015, he was ranked as the richest person in the world for four hours by Forbes, just ahead ofAmerican billionaire Bill Gates, with a net worth of USD $78.6 billion. He resides with his second wife in an apartment building in Galicia, Spain.


The youngest of four children, Ortega was born in Busdongo de Arbás, León, Spain, and spent his childhood in León. He left school and moved to La Coruña at the age of 14, due to the job of his father, a railway worker. Shortly after, he found a job as a shop hand for a local shirtmaker called Gala, which still sits on the same corner in downtown A Coruña, and learnt to make clothes by hand,In 1972, he founded Confecciones Goa (his initials in reverse), selling quilted bathrobes which Ortega produced using thousands of local women organised into sewing cooperatives. In 1975, he opened his first Zarastore, so called because his preferred name Zorba was already taken. He opened many big Zara Stores during the eighties throughout Galicia.

Today, Zara is part of the Inditex group (Industrias de Diseño Textil Sociedad Anónima), of which Ortega owns 59.29%, and aside from over 6,000 stores includes the brands Zara, Massimo Dutti, Oysho, Zara Home, Kiddy’s Class, Tempe, Stradivarius, Pull and Bear, Bershka and has more than 92,000 employees.

Ortega keeps a very low profile and, until 1999, no photograph of Ortega had ever been published and is known for his preference for a simple lifestyle. He refuses to wear a tie and typically wears a simple uniform of a blue blazer, white shirt, and gray pants, none of which are Zara products. He is also said to take a very active part in the production and design process in the company.

When he made a public appearance in 2000 as part of the warm-up prior to his company’s initial public offering on the stock market in 2001, it made headlines in the Spanish financial press. However, he has only granted interviews to three journalists ever and his secrecy has led to the publication of books, such as Amancio Ortega: de cero a Zara (From Zero to Zara).

In 2011, Ortega announced his imminent retirement from Inditex, parent company of the Zara chain, stating that he would ask Inditex vice-president and CEO Pablo Isla to take his place at the helm of the textile empire.

He maintained his #3 spot on the Forbes list from 2013, but increased his net worth $7 billion for a total of $64 billion.

Amacio Ortega spends huge amounts of his wealth to protect his privacy, he is known to travel incognito around the world.

Most of the media pictures are presented through the official news corporation of Zara.Not many are released to protect his movements

Sun 25 Oct 2015

According to Forbes’ real-time tracker, the elusive multibillionaire founder of European clothing retailer Zara just smashed past Bill Gates to become the wealthiest person on the planet, with a fortune of $79.8 billion (€71.83 billion or £51.84 billion). 



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Contact Andrey Filatov via the Billionaires Club Fri, 05 Jun 2015 11:30:51 +0000 Andrey Vasilievich Filatov (Russian: Андре́й Васи́льевич Фила́тов; born 18 December 1971) is a Russian entrepreneur. He is co-owner, Board of Directors Member and Chief Executive Officer of the N-Trans transportation-and-infrastructure group and President of the Russian Chess Federation, vice president of the International Chess Federation (FIDE).


Completed secondary education in No. 9 Children-Youth Sporting School in the city of Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, USSR. Got ranked Candidate for Master of Sport of the USSR (chess).In 1993, graduated from the Academy of Physical Education and Sports of the Republic of Belarus (the Belorussian State University of Physical Culture) with the diploma of Physical Culture Instructor and Chess-Playing Coach. At the Academy met and made friends with such chess players as Ilya Smirinand Boris Gelfand.

In 1996, together with his partners Konstantin Nikolaev and Nikita Mishin founded the Severstaltrans company, of which was Board of Directors Member and Chief Executive Officer since the foundation. In 2008, the Severstaltrans group was renamed as the N-Trans.

Is the Economic Council Member of the French-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIFR).

Adviser to the Director General of the Petrolesport joint-stock company.

Wealth Assessment

Andrey Filatov’s chief asset is his share in the N-Trans companies group that includes the Globaltrans and Global Ports companies listed at the London Stock Exchange.Also, the entrepreneur is one of the stockholders (7%) of the Transoil Ltd.

In 2010, the Finance magazine assessed Andrey Filatov’s fortune to be $0.92 billion.

In 2011, in the Russian version of the Forbes magazine Filatov was ranked 93rd among Russia’s wealthiest businesspersons, with the fortune of $1.1 billion.

In 2012, in the Forbes world listing Filatov’s fortune was assessed to be $1.3 billion (ranked the world 960th). 


  • Jubilee Medal “300 Years of the Russian Navy” (1996)
  • The Russian Federation President’s Diploma of Merit (21 Jan. 2011) – for active participation in preparation for Republic of Korea’s transfer of the Russian cruiser Varyag (1899) jack flag to the Russian Federation[4]
  • The Moscow Times Awards (10 December 2013) – for sponsoring the startup of the first television channel dedicated exclusively to chess.
  • The most popular Russian sports manager of 2014 according to the Sport History and Statistics Fan Club (Russia) rating
  • Five Continents Medal of UNESCO (26 May 2015) 

Chess and public activities

Andrei Filatov is a member of the Economic Council of French and Russian Businesses of the Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIFR)

Filatov is a member of the Valaam Monastery Board of Guardians. 

He has been keen on chess since childhood.

Filatov was the initiator and sponsor of the World Chess Championship 2012 held in Moscow in 2012, in the State Tretyakov Gallery. According to Filatov, “By holding the match in a museum we are attempting to emphasize the link between our favorite game and the arts, as well as pay tribute to the memory of great Russian artists in the broadest sense, including painters, writers, composers and musicians.”. The game was played between Boris Gelfand and Viswanathan Anand.

Filatov funded the restoration of the tombstone monument to one of the greatest chess players, Alexander Alekhine, who was the first Russian by birth world champion, in Paris.

In the memory of his first chess coach, Alexander Valerianovich Sinitsyn, Filatov set up the Sinitsyn Memorial international children chess festival, which is being held in Dnepropetrovsk since 2001.

On 1 February 2014 on the 22nd congress of the Russian Chess Federation Andrey Filatov was elected President of the Russian Chess Federation.

13 August 2014 Andrei Filatov, the President of the Russian Chess Federation, was elected for the post of the vice president of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) at the world federation’s congress currently underway in Norway’s Tromso.


29 July 2014 Art Russe has become a Patron of the Serpentine Galleries, one of London’s leading art galleries. The agreement demonstrates Art Russe’s commitment to supporting international galleries, museums and exhibitions, as it plans to launch its own museum in London.

Marking the 70th anniversary of the Victory in Europe, in spring 2015 Art Russe arranged the art exhibition The Legacy of World War II in Russian Art in Saatchi Gallery, London. The exhibition featured paintings and sculptures, most of which had never before been on public display in the UK, including Alexander Laktionov’s Letter from the Front; the Tkachev brothers’ By the Well; Igor Obrosov’s Wartime Moscow 1941; Ivan Penteshin’s The Defence of Leningrad; Evsey Moiseenko’s Freedom; Gely Korzhev’s The Reunion and Mai Danzig’s monumental canvas And the World Remembers the Saviours. 


Art Russe Fond

In 2012 Andrey Filatov established the Filatov Family Art Fund for the purpose of collecting the found abroad Russian and Soviet paintings and sculptures.

In June 2014 the Filatov Family Art Fund announces that it is rebranding to Art Russe as it prepares to open a new museum in London. Art Russe will continue the work of the Filatov Family Art Fund, but will take on a broader role, with the focus shifting from collecting art to showing the world the breadth and depth of the talent that thrived in Russia.

Filatov is collecting pieces of Art – painting, graphic works, and sculpture as well. In his collection are works of such painters as Igor Grabar, Pyotr Konchalovsky,Konstantin Korovin, Gely Korzhev, Viktor Popkov, Arkady Plastov, Nicolai Fechin, Aleksandr Laktionov. The collection was start with “Portrait of the engraver J.Watts” by Nikolai Fechin. This portrait in 1924 obtained Thomas R.Procter prize by the National Academy of Design in USA. The favorite Andrey Filatov’s painter is Viktor Popkov.


Charity & Foundations



Andrey Filatov is married, brings up three children.

Real Estate

Lives in Moskaw

Sport  Chess

Super Cars unknown

Super Yachts yes

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Juan Roig Wed, 08 Apr 2015 12:52:02 +0000 Juan Roig Alfonso (Valencia, 1949) is a Spanish businessman.

His parents Francisco Roig Ballester and Trinidad Alfonso Mocholí Mercadona founded Mercadona in 1977.

His  brothers are Francisco and Fernando Roig.

Juan Roig  is known for being the CEO of Mercadona, he holds a degree in Economics and Business from the University of Valencia and PADE by the IESE.

In June 2007 he received the Doctor Honoris Causa by the UPV. He has been president of the Institute for Family Business and currently is vice president of EDEM, honorary president of AECOC and founding member of CEC.

The Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce has recognized his career with the 2009 Prince Philip Award for Business Excellence.



He holds the High Distinction of the Generalitat Valenciana and has recently been named Son of the City of Valencia.


He is the largest shareholder in Mercadona.


promotes entrepreneurship through the School of Entrepreneurs EDEM.

Lanzadera y Angels Capital a  financial and educational support to young entrepreneurs





Charity & Foundations

Fundación Trinidad Alfonso.Supporting sports and athletes with its Foundation Trinidad Alfonso



Juan Roig and Hortensia Herrero met in October 1968 at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Valencia. Five years later, the couple married in the military church of Santo Domingo.

Children : Amparo, Hortensia and the twins Carolina and Juana.

Hortensia Herrero is a great lover of the city of Valencia and its traditions. Hortensia Herrero and her 4 daughter are lovers of  jewelry and fashion.

Real Estate

Lives in Valencia

Sport Largest  shareholder in Valencia Basket Club.

Super Cars unknown

Super Yachts unknown


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Sanford Weill Sat, 04 Apr 2015 04:39:25 +0000 Sanford I. “Sandy” Weill (; born March 16, 1933) is an American banker, financier and philanthropist. He is a former chief executive and chairman of Citigroup. He served in those positions from 1998 until October 1, 2003, and April 18, 2006, respectively.


The son of Jewish immigrants from Poland, Weill was born in Brooklyn, New York, on March 16, 1933. His father, Max, owned a dressmaking business, and his mother, Etta, was a homemaker. Weill and his younger sister, Helen, grew up in the Bensonhurst neighborhood of Brooklyn. Short and chubby as a boy, Weill was a ready-made target for neighborhood bullies, according to the Wall Street Journal reporter Monica Langley’s 2003 book, Tearing Down the Walls: How Sandy Weill Fought His Way to the Top of the Financial World … And Then Nearly Lost It All. The boy’s failure to stand up for himself brought Weill into conflict with his father, who belittled him for running to his mother whenever the bullies struck.

National Academy Foundation

He serves as Founder and Chairman of the National Academy Foundation (NAF), which oversees more than 60,000 students in 500 career-themed academies of finance, hospitality and tourism, information technology and engineering, in 41 states, as well as the District of Columbia. Ninety-seven percent of NAF’s students graduate, with eighty percent going on to post-secondary education – often as the first in their families to attend college. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo appointed Weill as a member of his New York Education Reform Commission. Weill has received honorary degrees from Howard University, Hofstra University, University of New Haven, The New School, and Sonoma State University.


No private jet


In 2012, Weill was elected a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Charity & Foundations

“For us, philanthropy is much more than just writing a check. It’s donating your time, energy, experience, and intellect to the causes and organizations you are passionate about.

Pledged $100-million to Weill Cornell Medical College for two new research centers: the Joan and Sanford I. Weill Cancer Research Center and the Joan and Sanford I. Weill Metabolic Syndrome Center. To date, the couple has given a total of more than $600-million the medical college and to Cornell University.

The couple also gave $10-million to Carnegie Hall, where Mr. Weill serves as chairman of the institution’s Board of Trustees. The money will be used to renovate Carnegie Hall’s backstage areas and its upper floors.

In addition, the Weills gave $6.6-million to their Weill Family Foundation (The Patricia & Christopher Weil Family Foundation), which supports a variety of causes. The foundation awarded a total of nearly $1.3-million last year including a $1-million grant to Sonoma Valley Hospital for its emergency center. The couple gave additional donations of about $1.5-million to arts, education, health care, and social-service groups.



Sandy and Joan Weill

Weill married Joan Mosher on June 20, 1955. The couple live in Greenwich, Connecticut. They have two adult children, Marc Weill (formerly married to news anchor E. D. Hill) and Jessica Weill Bibliowicz, and four grandchildren.

Real Estate

Residence > 15 Central Park West  NY

In 2012, Sandy Weill sold a penthouse at 15 Central Park West for $88 million one of  the highest-priced home sale recorded in New York City.


6.3-acre estate on Round Hill Road in Greenwich, Connecticut

362 acre estate in Sonoma County, California

120+ acre waterfront estate on Saranac Lake, New York

Sport none

Super Cars


Super Yachts

Daniel Loeb, the founder of Third Point LLC, recently purchased Sandy Weill’s 200-foot yacht April Fool

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Wang Wenliang Fri, 27 Mar 2015 08:32:08 +0000 0 Wang Yong Fri, 27 Mar 2015 08:32:08 +0000 0 V. Prem Watsa Fri, 27 Mar 2015 08:32:08 +0000 Prem Watsa (born 1950 in Hyderabad, India) is the founder, chairman, and chief executive of Fairfax Financial Holdings, based in Toronto, Canada. He has been called the “Canadian Warren Buffett” by some during successful periods of investing.

He is a CFA charterholder, an alumnus of the Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet, a 1999 Distinguished Alumnus Awards Recipient of the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras where he graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering and a holder of an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business of the University of Western Ontario. He is a member of the Board of Trustees of the The Hospital for Sick Children, a member of the Advisory Board for the Richard Ivey School of Business, a member of the Board of Directors of the Royal Ontario Museum Foundation and as well as Chairman of the Investment Committee of St. Paul’s Anglican Church.

In June 2009, he was installed as the ninth chancellor of the University of Waterloo.  On January 22, 2012, it was reported he was to be appointed to the board of directors of Research In Motion (RIM) in the company’s largest ever corporate shakeup. Mr Watsa resigned in August 2013, but kept his investment in the company at the time. On September 23, 2013, Blackberry announced that it had signed a letter of intent to be acquired by Prem Watsa led Fairfax Financial Holdings in a $4.7 Billion deal.

Prem Watsa


Hospital for Sick Children Foundation.Oversee investments as a volunteer.


Married several children.Very private about family one son called Ben Graham

Museum :  NO

Real State Lives in Canada

Sports Club : No

Super Cars unknown

Super Yachts No

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