April 18, 2013

Ready in 2014 – €300m Penthouse in Monaco to have 5 floors and 3300 m2 floorspace

Monaco, a luxurious Mediterranean city-state renowned for being home to some of the world’s wealthiest moguls, will soon boast the world’s most expensive penthouse, a residence expected to fetch app. €300million ($387 Million) when it goes on the market next year. The penthouse will be housed inside Monaco’s tallest building, Tour Odeon, a double-skyscraper standing 170 metres tall. Tour...

Billionaire art dealers David & Helly Nahmad´s NY office raided by the FBI.

The Helly Nahmad Gallery on Madison Avenue, got raided this morning by the FBI. The Nahmad family is one of the richest and most powerful art-dealing dynasties in the world. The reason being  a possible $100+ million money-laundering case against illegal gambling rings operated by Russian organized crime, the funds entered US via Cyprus shell companies, somehow the art dealing family have got involved...

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