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Dr. Samuel Garfinkel
PR Büro
Postfach 12 03 34
D-69066 Heidelberg
+49 176 78973642
Van: GOLDBANK AG <[email protected]>
Verzonden: dinsdag 5 juni 2018 12:06
Aan: stefan katafai <[email protected]>
Onderwerp: Re: Dear xx : Rgd.  Invite to view Dr. Samuel Garfinkel Cap Ferrat. Next week:
Dear Sirs,
How high would the rock bottom price be for xx? The xx is out of the question because of its depth. I can not present a ship with a price to my partners and at the same time mention that we do not have to pay it in full. We are not gypsy or camel dealers. We would have to have a valuation made by a recognized institution for the ship in order to be able to include it as assets in our fixed assets.
One of my partners asked a friendly company to use the brochure to calculate an approximate value. Due to the age of the ship, these people only came to a value of 10 million euros. As I said, I will address you again if necessary in the coming week.
With best regards
Dr. S. Garfinkel
PR Büro
Postfach 12 03 34
D-69066 Heidelberg
+49 176 78973642

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Deutsche Bank

Ricardo Soriano 39

29600 Marbella

Kontoinhaber:   Dr.Frühbeck Abogados y Economistas y CIA, S.C.

                          SWIFT. DEUTESBBXXX

                          IBAN ES 86 0019 0091 46 401 001 1813

Kontonummer:  0019 0091 46 401 001 1813

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PHAETON Naval Defense Systems Ltd.
Capt. Kai G. Lehmann
Postfach 110223
D-69079 Heidelberg
phone: +49 6221 7194900
mobil: +49 176 87239210

PHAETON MISSILES [email protected]  • email1+49 6221 7194900  • Work+49 176 87239210  • MobilePHAETON Naval Defense Systems Ltd.Capt. Kai G. LehmannPostfach 11 02 23D-69071 Heidelbergphone: +49 6221 7194900 cell:     +49 176 87239210www.phaeton-missiles.comskype: phaeton-missiles


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Mr Kai Gunther Lehmann

Date Of Birth Jul 1955 Nationality German Director ID909944184

Mainstrasse 4, Wilhelmshaven, 26382

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